Going to the 2011 National DOG?!?!

Prairie Dogs December 2009 DOG

A “DOG” is a dutch oven gathering and in my experience is always a ton of fun with amazingly delicious food to share with great friends.  At our local DOGs we have had as few as 10 pots out but some times up to 40 to 50 pots on the table, which is quite a sight!  Most of the time, we gather in the morning, set up our outdoor kitchens, and fire up the charcoal.  Our leader (known as the Dutch Oven Doctor for his wit and wisdom of all things dutch oven!) announces the TST (targeted serving time) in advance so we make sure to have our dishes ready to be served.   Most of the time, the TST is 12:30.  (In another post I’ll share some of my favorite memories of past DOGs that the Prairie Dogs of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. ) After eating WAY too much and spending time catching up on the details of life, we then reverse the process by cleaning up, packing up, saying goodbye and heading home. We have been to DOGs where we pull our RV and camp out for a weekend of dutch oven goodness for a weekend-long DOG. Friday night, potluck. Saturday morning, late breakfast together then sit around, talking, playing games, telling stories, going for a hike, then cook dinner. Sunday, breakfast together and then head home. Oh, those are a lot of fun!!

But, we have never been to a National Dutch Oven Gathering! So, we are making plans now to travel to Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, OH July 8-10 for the 2011 National Dutch Oven Gathering. Are you going?

Topics for future posts – Top Ten Reasons to Attend a National Dutch Oven Gathering, History of the National DOG, and Memorable Prairie Dog DOGs

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2 Responses to Going to the 2011 National DOG?!?!

  1. Deb says:

    When you come to Wooster in July 2011 will the local public be able to attend?
    And if so…,what all would they expect to see or do?


    • Hi Deb and thank you for the question. This year’s National DOG is not open to the public due to insurance restrictions, which means that only those who have registered to attend will be allowed to participate. I hope you do register to attend! You will see over 70 dutch oven chefs set up with their outdoor kitchens, cooking in their dutch ovens. Each DO chef will happily tell you about what they are preparing and answer any question about their equipment and anything to do with dutch ovens. I promise – it will be worth the price of registration! If you do, let me know – I’d love to meet you!


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