#7 Reasons to attend the National Dutch Oven Gathering (DOG)


OK, I admit that every Dutch Oven Chef (DOC) that I have met is friendlier than is possible without being sweeter than a sticky bun and does NOT have a competitive bone in his or her body. However, I do know that they all are very proud of what they can pull out of their black pot just before TST (targeted serviing time) when everyone is salivating and can’t wait to taste the good food on the table. Do I hear an Amen??

Check out this email sent by Fran (Co-Host for the 2011 NDOG)

I am pleased to announce that we will be having for the very first time, a Phyllo Dough Challenge Cook-off at the 2011 National DOG in Wooster OH, sometime during the weekend of July 8-9-10. Phyllo (or Fillo) dough is flaky, layered tissue-thin sheets of pastry dough that can be used in creating appetizers, snacks, main dishes, and desserts. And opposite of what one may think, it’s simply easy to make something elegant and tasty out of Phyllo dough.

We are fortunate that the largest manufacturer of Phyllo dough in the world is based out of Cleveland OH, and they are quite enthusiastic to support us in this cook-off. Athens Food will also be serving as judges in this cook-off. The only rule is that it is to be cooked in a Dutch Oven. If you are interested in this Phyllo dough cook-off or even would just like to try to use the Phyllo dough at this year’s National DOG (you don’t have to compete), please send me an email so I can make sure that there will be enough Phyllo dough for everyone, no charge!

Oh YES! I am interested!! Are you? If so, send Fran an email fran_lg@hotmail.com/

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