#2 – Top Ten Reasons to Attend the National Dutch Oven Gathering (DOG)

Picking Out Delicious Recipes!

I am signed up to several different Yahoo groups for dutch oven cooks where the good humor and sharing stories about dutch oven gatherings keeps me entertained every day. Lately, folks have been talking a bit more about this year’s NDOG in Wooster, Ohio, and what they are thinking about cooking. I am here to tell you that those ideas are mouth-watering good! Even though the NDOG is months away, it isn’t too soon to start thinking of what to cook while we are there.

My better-half has been working on his biscuit-making skills and I have tasted the results. YUMM! I bet there will be biscuits on our breakfast menu, for sure, along with an egg casserole with yummy bacon, tangy cheese, and roasted Hatch Green Chili. For dinner, we love to make our Hatch Green Chili Chicken Enchilada – it is always a crowd pleaser. I want to make some heart-healthy roasted veggies with garlic olive oil since it is easy-peasy and delicious.

Oh, the list is endless and the options are challenging to choose from, but that’s part of the fun!

If you are going to the 2011 NDOG, let me know! We can swap recipes and ideas!

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