Reaching Out to Dutch Oven Friends after Tornados

Yesterday’s massive tornado disaster may be the worst tornado in 30 years. Here’s a quote from CNN:

More than 280 people have been killed by the wave of violent weather that has swept across the South the past two days. Survivors told of entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble and the terror of tornadoes ripping through their homes and businesses.

I was touched to find several posts on the different Yahoo groups for dutch oven chefs as online friends asked how others were doing. Here is an example:

I hope that all fellow dutch oven cooks who live in the South are alright!! My family’s thoughts and prayers are with all in the areas affected by the recent rough weather!! I also hope to see everybody at the National in July! The coffee pot will be going, stop by and have cup!

Here is an answer (one of many):

We here in Montgomery, AL are fine and no real damage..Supposed to go to Tuscaloosa to Deer Lick next month for our DOG and that was in the line of the storm. Waiting to here the status on that campground. Thanks for checking..we are waiting to hear from some members from Cartersville, Ga and Rome, Ga. Also some members from Birmingham have not checked in yet. Keep them all in your prayers.

I haven’t met most of these folks but I know them well through the Yahoo groups. They share recipes, tell stories of the latest DOG, and often poke fun at one another. Some have met previously at a DOG but many only know their Dutch Oven friends online. I think this is a good example of how the internet and social media allows us to form strong bonds of friendship with folks we haven’t yet met face to face.

If you want to know more about the dutch oven Yahoo groups, post a comment and I’ll send some suggestions. If you already are a member of an online group that focuses on dutch oven cooking, post a comment about how your online friendships have added to your dutch oven experience.

Praying for God’s mercy and great provisioin for all who suffered in this mighty disaster.

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