Membership in Dutch Oven Societies

My better-half has loved cooking outdoors in his 12 inch dutch oven ever since he was a kid (thank you Boy Scouts!). He is also the one who discovered that there was a group of local folks who gathered every month to cook in their dutch ovens, share good stories, and enjoy delicious meals together. In the years since then, we have become active members of the Prairie Dog Chapter of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. We are now members of the Louisana Dutch Oven Society and the International Dutch Oven Society. Membership dues are so affordable and are clearly worth the benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits that my better-half and I appreciate about our memberships:

Friendships – we have met many wonderful people at DOGs (Dutch Oven Gatherings) organized by the Societies and many are now dear friends. We keep in touch through email and love to “catch up” with them each time we gather.

Recipes – our DO friends always inspire us with their delicious dishes that we enjoy eating at each DOG. It never ceases to amaze us at the creative and colorful recipes our DO friends bring to the picinic tables at DOGs. They inspire us to think creatively as we plan what we will prepare at the next DOG.

Websites – each Society has a website that is packed with good information about all things dutch oven. We use the Calendars to keep up with the DOGs and we enjoy checking out the photos and stories posted about past events.

Cast Iron-Itus – We laugh at our love to collect as many dutch ovens as possible (therefore called Cast Iron-Itus) as well as the tools and supplies neede to set up an outdoor kitchen. At first, it was a bit overwhelming as we tried to figure out what we needed and how to keep it all organized. It helped so much to be able to talk to the “seasoned” DO cooks and hear their recommendations about what size pot to start with and what tools were most helpful.

There are lots of other benefits of being a member of a dutch oven society. Are you a member? If so, what do you appreciate about your group?

Keep ’em hot!

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