Registration for this year’s National Dutch Oven Gathering ends June 1st, just one week away. Since this year’s NDOG is closed to the public, any one planning to attend needs to register now!!

This pending deadline has gotten us to work on our “list of things to do” to get ready for the trip and for the events at the NDOG. We recently spent time in the travel trailer, making room in the storage area for our dutch ovens, outdoor kitchen tools, and easy-up awning. Getting everything in will be a tight squeeze, which will require attention to details as we plan what to cook and what equipment we will need. We have been brainstorming ideas of what to cook for the shared meals, which has led us to evaluate what we think is our best recipe, which then leds us to memories of past local DOGs, which meant we put out a lot of ideas but haven’t decided what to prepare. What a fun adventure we are preparing for!

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