Family Reunion

Yesterday, my better half and I had 20 family members over to celebrate the annual family reunion. The main objective was to create a place where everyone could mill around and chat without interuption or cost of a public location. While everyone was busy chatting, we warmed up the pork ribs and brisket, put out all of the fixings, grilled a few burgers, steamed the corn on the cob, and then helped my brother-in-law prepare a apple cobbler in the 14 inch deep dutch oven. Even though the temperature was over 100 on the back porch, they set up the cooking table and fired up the charcoal. Everyone got a big kick out of the preparations and had questions about the process of cooking outdoors.

The cobble was a double recipe and was enough for everyone to have as much as they wanted with some leftover. I enjoyed listening to my brother-in-law and better-half share stories about cooking all sorts of tasty meals in their black pots. Telling stories and sharing memories is what family gatherins are all about, and preparing good food makes telling those stories and making new memories even sweeter.

When the day ended and the house was quiet, we were happily exhausted and knew we would sleep well!

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