3 Pot Cook Off at the 2011 National Dutch Oven Gathering

Friday morning, July 8th, 12 dutch oven teams gathered to hear the rules for the International Dutch Oven Society Sanctioned 3 Pot Cook Off. The event began at 9:00 am and ended four hours later. I was fortunate to be invited to join five others as judges of the event, an experience I will never forget!

We were given the score card with clear instructions about how to proceed, access to lots of bottled water, and a cool quiet place to sit and evalate each dish. Each team turned in a bread, a dessert, and a main dish. For each we first walked around the presentation table to evaluate the appearance and aroma of each dish. We then retreated to our quiet place and tasted, proded, and carefully examined each dish. Flaky pie crusts, bacon wrapped pork, lovely whole wheat bread….. they were all beautiful and tasty too. After each dish, we recorded our scores and added them up.

I wish I had my camera and taken photographs of each dish to capture the beautiful presentation of most of the dishes as well as the creativity and culinary skills that each team offered. I’ve been cooking in a dutch oven for a while and am still amazed at what can come out of our black pots! What an inspiration! Here are a few to make your mouth water!

I was SO full by the time the event ended, I almost neede a wheel barrow to carry me back to the trailer. The winning team earned everyone’s congratulations and best for success at the World Cook Off in Utah!

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