Yummy Test Results!

The mini Margarita Cheesecakes turned out perfectly!

I baked these in my kitchen oven, not in our Big Griz, but if I do make these for the cookoff, here is what they will look like in the dutch oven.

I learned a few important lessons in this test run. First, the parchment paper works perfectly. These mini cheese cakes came out of the cast iron without sticking and the parchment paper easily let go of the cheese cake after resting for about 30 minutes, so the mini cheese cake kept its lovely shape. Second, I can use more batter so the filling comes almost to the top, making for a bigger bite of limey cheesey goodness. Finally, I loved the light texture of the filling (thanks to substituing 1/3 fat neufchatel cheese for real cheese cream) and the sweet, crunchy crust. However, I want to add just a bit more sugar and lime to give it zippier kick.

If my partner agrees to use this recipe for the cookoff, we will have plenty of time to let them cool off and be garnished, ready for the judges at the appointed time.

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1 Response to Yummy Test Results!

  1. Robert & Samee says:

    Sounds yummy… should be a winner with the judges!


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