Competition Coof Offs – Lessons Learned

Goodness gracious – entirely too much time (months!) have flown by since my last post. Blogging presents me with an important ongoing challenge that I should have learned back in my days of journaling in a notebook. Sigh!

Back in October, we enjoyed a wonderful trip to Benton, Kansas to participate in the first annual Multi State DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering). Lyla Bybee hosted this gathering and was “the hostess with the mostess!”

In addition to many other tasks that Lyla organized was the IDOS 3 Pot Cook Off. Lyla recruited the judges from the talent of the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper and prepared the awards with a witty and perfect logo.

Since this was my first time to participate in an offically sanctioned IDOS Coof Off, I was prepared to learn many lessons. Here are just a few:

1. Follow the recipe. Huhh?? Yep, I didn’t follow the recipe, leaving out the sugar in the Mini Margarita Cheese Cakes. I was so caught up in the hype and fun of talking to folks as I worked on my dish, I completely forgot perhaps the most important ingredient of a dessert recipe. *Flat Hand To Forehead* Repeat*

2. Stop to observe and learn. The lead chef in our group, Bill, prepared an amazing stuffed stromboli bread that was light, delicious, and amazing! I was so grateful to hear how he came up with this original recipe. The fresh basil and seafood along with a perfectly prepared bread made this beautiful and delicious meal out of a camp dutch oven! Amazing!

These are just a few lessons learned that will help me prapere for future competitions. The best lesson of all is that friends make delicious memories!

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