Keeping Our Cast Iron Organized

Our collection of Dutch Ovens has grown over the past year and was unceremoniously kept here and there throughout our garage. Along with more than 20 pots, we had boxes filled with the supplies we cart to Dutch Oven Gatherings to set up our outdoor kitchen. The garage was a mess of boxes, pots, charcoal, and tools. Loading and unloading everything for Dutch Oven Gatherings was maddeningly difficult. So, when the mess started to get in the way of other items in the garage (a car, bicycles, and other typical items found in most garages), we were tired of it all and set out to organize our cast iron collection.

After moving it all into one place and sorting it all out, we then purchased shelves that would be strong enough to hold the pots and would allow us easy access. My better half also found space on the peg board to hang skillets, drop biscuit form, and bread pans. The results were very rewarding!

In addition to creating an orderly and organized place to store our dutch ovens, this arrangement also insures the cast iron is open to the air to prevent rust and rancid seasoning.

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1 Response to Keeping Our Cast Iron Organized

  1. What a great collection of cast iron pans!


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