January DOG and Demonstration

Yesterday, we had a great time in Fort Worth at the Log Cabin Village with the Prairie Dog Chapter of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society for our fourth annual DOG and Demonstration.  We had ten outdoor kitches set up and 14 Dutch Oven Chefs cooking all sorts of delicious recipes.  Some dressed up in late 1800 period attire and there were plenty of Texas size cowboy hats.

My better-half prepared a version of Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic out of The New Best Recipe cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen (p. 311-12).  He modified it by using sliced chicken breast, not a whole chicken, and he added tiny potatoes of different colors. I also urged him to add garlic powder to “umph” the garlic flavor since the roasted garlic tends to be sweet and not very “garlic-ky”.  I wish I had a photo of the visitors who “oohh” and “aww” when he deglazed the pot with vermouth.  Impressive and the aroma was heavenly!

I made my favorite recipe for carrot muffins that are a bit healthier than the original version. This recipe has 3 cups of shredded carrots, regular and whole-wheat flour, wheat germ, and crushed pineapple to help add sweetness and reduce the amount of sugar. Next time, I am going to try substituting Blue Agave, which has a low glycemic index and is sweeter than sugar.  Check out the Glycemic Index Foundation’s website to learn more about healthy options for nutritious meals.

It was funny to see the young-Dutch Oven chefs approace these muffins with skepticism.  Once they got over their reluctance and took a bite, they immediately devoured their muffin and asked for more!

During the afternoon, our group gave 15 minute presentations on the History of the Dutch Oven, Care of Dutch Ovens, Temperature Control, and Tools and Implements. At the end of the day, the museum staff reported that they had 128 visitors and thanked us for providing an entertaining and educational program for their visitors.

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2 Responses to January DOG and Demonstration

  1. Leslie and Steve,
    Thanks for the outstanding demonstration. We enjoyed meeting everyone and learning more about the Dutch Ovens and the extra nice thing is that most of you are geocachers. We’re mailing our application to join the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society tomorrow and will see ya’ll at the DOG in Canton, TX. Thanks….


  2. Thank you Robert! We had so much fun meeting you yesterday and look forward to cooking with you at future DOGs!


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