Top Ten Reasons to Attend a National DOG – Redux!

Last year, I had fun thinking of reasons why folks make the trip to attend a National Dutch Oven Gathering. After reviewing last year’s entries, I decided to expand and/or hopefully add more good reasons why Duch Oven Enthusiasts should come to Canton for the 9th Annual National DOG. Although they are not in any particular order, #10 is “Checking out outdoor kitchens” and is a great place to begin the “Redux” for this year’s journey to Canton.

I have had so much fun checking out many different ways that Ducth Oven chef’s carry and set up their outdoor kitchen equipment. Greg and Sarah’s sweet little Chuck Wagon is the inspiration for my interest in the topic and continues to be a wonderful addition to any DOG we attend.

Here is Bill and Laura’s boxes. This is what inspired me the most!

After talking about what we liked from all of the boxes we had seen over the past year, my better half sketched out a plan, puchased 1/2 inch wood, and made us our own box. It has room for our collection of Bobby B’s handmade wooden spoons and for the cooking equipment we generally use at a DOG.

So,the end result of the #10 reason to attened a National DOG is our new cookbox!

I’d say that is an excellent reason to attend any DOG!

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3 Responses to Top Ten Reasons to Attend a National DOG – Redux!

  1. Ralph Adms says:

    Kathy and I have only been to one National, but the memories will last a life time. We always learn something at our regular monthly DOGS, but attending a National you can multiply that many times over. We learn something from everyone. I remember a wise man told me that, ” everyman is my teacher for him I can learn.” The Nationals will be a wealth of knowledge, new friends and a whole lot of fun. There has been tons of planning done by Steve & Leslie and if they stopped right now, It would be a great success, but there is a lot more planning to do, and they will make it even better. Come join us in Canton for the time of your DO life.
    Ralph & Kathy Adams


  2. Robert & Samee says:

    Great post and pictures. Can we get one of these built before October National DOG? well, we’ll see what we can do! Looks like something we just gotta have…


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