Top Ten Reasons to Attend a National DOG – Redux #9

Opportunity to Share Your Photos!

I am back to the topic Top Ten Reasons to Attend a National Dutch Oven Gathering (NDOG) Redux that I started earlier this year and am revisiting last year’s list with a few new ideas added for this year’s event.  Remember, they aren’t in any particular order!  #9 last year was to take tons of photographs, pick out the best ones that tell the story of the National DOG and share that story online.

This year’s NDOG in Canton will be a another great opportunity for Dutch oven friends from all over the country and Canada to share their love of outdoor cooking with each other and the general public.  For many, the way we share that joy is by taking lots of photographs and sharing them.  Social media gives us a great platform to share the stories and also to learn more as our skills and interests are challenged by new ideas, skills, and inspiration.  The 2012 NDOG has a Facebook page with 471 “likes” will be one way to share those photographs as well as to keep the connections with new and old Dutch oven friends before, during, and after the event.  You can also share your photographs on Flickr in the 2012 NDOG group and make sure to tag your entry with 2012 NDOG and other descriptive tags to make searching easier for everyone.

 A new activity added to this year’s NDOG will be a Photography Contest where participants can enter a printed copy of an image they have taken to see if they will win one of many prizes. No entry required!   Prizes will be awarded to Youth – Ages 5-12
  Teen – Ages 13 – 18 and Adults in the following classes:  Color and Black and White:  Dutch oven related, people, and food.

If you are a shutter bug and are attending the NDOG, what images do you like to shoot at a Dutch oven gathering?


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