Top Ten Reasons to Attend the National DOG – Redux #7

#7 – Reasons to attend the National Dutch Oven Gathering (DOG)

Cook Offs!

Last year at the National DOG in Ohio,  I was looking forward to watching the different Cook Offs, especially the Phyllo Dough and Chicken contests.  At that time, I didn’t know anything about the IDOS 3-Pot Cook Off but quickly learned what real pressure is and how Dutch oven cooks can make the most amazing meals in less than 4.5 hours!  Check out these 12 amazing main dishes the 3-Pot competitors turned in last year!


So this year, I was very excited to see 20 (yes TWENTY) teams put out their very best Dutch oven prepared bread, dessert, and main dishes.  Each team had a sign posted at their cook station and with their entries at the judges table.


The winners of the 9th Annual NDOG 3-Pot Cook Off are Bill Ryan and Terry Cobb!  We were thrilled to hear an announcement from Vanessa Johnson, President of IDOS Society Board, that the winning team of the National DOG 3-Pot is automatically entered into the final round of the World Championship Cook Off , bypassing the qualification round.  Congratulations Bill and Terry!

Watching these highly competitive teams cook under the difficult time and rule limitations was very entertaining!  Check out this time-lapse video and let me know if you think you want to participate in a 3-Pot cook off.

Watching and or competing in a cook off is definately a great reason to attend a National Dutch Oven Gathering!

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