#5 – Top Ten Reasons to Attend a National DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) Redux

Road Trip!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”


Last year, I wrote about our plans to take our fifth-wheel travel trailer to Ohio for the 2011 NDOG.  The journey was filled with so many wonderful memories, especially the amazing 3-Pot Cook Off, and the numerous new friends we met along the way.

The same is true this year in Canton!  I cannot share all of the amazing new and old friends, but here are a few….

WelcomingCanadaJohn and Carol arrive from Fisherville, Ontario Canada in style!

OmarBurleyOmar from Idaho

PatrickLakeDeGrayPatrick from Arkansas (with Dave Fox, Master Planner of Dutch Oven City)

Lesley&LeslieLesley, from Illinois and our Big Hats


Toledo Bend Chapter of Lone Star Dutch Oven Society

Leslie&RonRon G from Iowa, Host of the 2014 NDOG

The road trip to any DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) is motivated by friendships.  Yes, we love to cook, but most important is sharing good food with good friends!


The pins on this map show how many friends came to Texas from far and wide.

If you were in Canton for the 2012 NDOG, please share your stories about your journey and the friends you met!


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