#2 – Top Ten Reasons to Attend the National Dutch Oven Gathering (NDOG) – Redux



As Dutch oven friends make plans to attend the 2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering (NDOG) at DeGray Lake Resort in Arkansas, a fun task on the list of things to do will include selecting recipes to prepare for the big group meals, generally breakfast and dinner.

RecipesLast year in Canton, I learned that many folks bring extra copies of their recipes so they can share recipes designed to be cooked in a camp Dutch oven.  This is a great idea!  Most cooks pin a card with the name of the dish, key ingredients, notice for those with allergies, and the name of the cook who prepared the dish.  If you taste something wonderful, make a note of the cook’s name and search for that special person.  If all goes well, that cook will be pleased to hear you enjoyed his or her dish and will be proud to share the recipe!


Another idea for collecting recipes that are tried and true and also a bit challenging is to visit with the teams who are competing in the “fun” cook offs and the 3-Pot Cook Off.  All teams in the 3-Pot will have printed copies of each of their recipes and may have extras available.  During the cook off, you can visit with the team to hear how they are preparing each dish.  If they are making something you want to try, ask them if they would share the recipe.  Even if they don’t have an extra copy or won’t share, you can still be inspired by their entries and begin to make note of what you may want to try in your black pots.


Check out the 20 dessert entries in the 2012 National DOG 3-Pot Cook Off!

Have fun selecting your recipes and be prepared to share them with new and old Dutch oven friends at DeGray Lake Resort!!

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