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Successful Baking in a Dutch Oven

Baking pie, cake, or bread in a camp Dutch oven over charcoal is tricky for many different reasons, especially temperature control.  Nothing is more discouraging than burning food!  Another challenge is to remove our baked goods from the Dutch oven … Continue reading

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Quinoa Fiesta

I love quinoa!  This quick and easy recipe is one I developed and have enjoyed preparing.  It would work very easily in a dutch oven, inside or outside. Quinoa is a super food, packed with essential nutrients and protien, and … Continue reading

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Using a Fire Starter to Light Charcoal

In my last post, we showed how to make your own fire starter.  They are inexpensive and reuses items (pine cone, egg carton, lint, saw dust) to make for a quick and reliable energy source to start a fire.  Here … Continue reading

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Home Made Fire Starters

This morning, my better half burst out laughing while reading his email.  “What is so funny?” I asked.  He replied, “Who would pay for fire starters?!?” Sure enough, he had an email from Amazon promoting Weber’s Fire Starters, 24 for … Continue reading

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