Home Made Fire Starters


This morning, my better half burst out laughing while reading his email.  “What is so funny?” I asked.  He replied, “Who would pay for fire starters?!?”

Sure enough, he had an email from Amazon promoting Weber’s Fire Starters, 24 for $7.99 with free shipping.  He was laughing because he makes ours for free AND lives up to our tiny effort to recycle, reuse, and reduce.

Recycle We use his home-made fire starters underneath our charcoal chimney when we are cooking outdoors.  They are either a pinecone dipped in parafin or an egg carton filled with dryer lint and/or saw dust, covered with parafin.  They are highly efficient energy source that are durable, stable, and fool-proof way to start a fire.


So here is a short video showing how to make almost free fire starters (if you purchase parafin, then they are not totally free, but you can use old candles, they are FREE!) and you are helping to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials we all have in our homes.

In this video clip, we used one pound of parafin, lint from the dryer, sawdust, several paper egg cartons, and pinecones.


Check out all of the other uses for parafin!

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