Using a Fire Starter to Light Charcoal

In my last post, we showed how to make your own fire starter.  They are inexpensive and reuses items (pine cone, egg carton, lint, saw dust) to make for a quick and reliable energy source to start a fire.  Here is one of the egg carton with lint fire starters we made, ready to fire up a big batch of charcoal in our Sandbar Flat Fire Charcoal Chimney.
Ready to go

Before I light the fire starter, here’s a quick shout out to our friends at Sandbar for their awesome Flat Fire Chimney.  We love ours and count it as one of our most important tools in our outdoor kitchen mainly because it folds up flat and takes a lot less room in our equipment box. I agree with this review by Expedition Off Road blog explaining how it works and why it is better than the traditional round chimney’s.  I also agree that the price tag will send some into sticker shock, but the high quality design and stainless steel makes it a great investment since it will last a lot longer than the cheaper version.


The fire starter fired up quickly and got our charcoal going in about 15 minutes, ready to grill bacon wrapped asparagus and cheese burgers for dinner.



Oh the joy of outdoor dining!

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