#1 Reason to Attend a National Dutch Oven Gathering Redux

Check Out Everyone’s Collection of Cast Iron


When I started this Top Ten list back in 2011, we had not attended a National DOG so we were looking forward to seeing everyone’s collection of Dutch ovens.  Indeed, we were awestruck as we wandered around the 2011 NDOG in Wooster, Ohio, visiting with outdoor cooks from all over the country and seeing so many different outdoor kitchens.  The same was true in Canton, Texas at the 2012 National DOG.  With over 200 outdoor kitchens set up, there were endless opportunities to chat with Dutch oven enthusiasts and see all of their equipment.  This photo shows most of the cooking area in Canton and a special gathering as everyone lined up for the fly over!


The same will be true at the 2013 National DOG at DeGray Lake Resort in Arkansas.  Dutch oven cooks just love to learn from one another and to share their experiences with others.


Another reason to attend the NDOG (as well as any regular DOG), is to see what Dutch oven cooks make in their cast iron pots.  The variety of dishes prepared from simple to complex inspires us to try something new or different.

There are so many reasons to attend the National DOG!  What are you looking forward to seeing or doing at the NDOG??

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