How to Boil Water

I have heard of people who come up with an original idea but I have never met or known such a person as a friend.  Until now.

Meet my friend Dennis, a Dutch oven cook who hangs out with the Prairie Dogs and makes delicious food in big black pots with his sweetie, cook partner, and wife – Robin.  IMG_4000A while back at a Prairie Dog DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering), Dennis showed up with a cylinder shaped device that held a pile of hot charcoals underneath his Dutch oven that was full of boiling water.  I was immediately intrigued at his simple design and asked him why he came up with this idea.IMG_4119

As an engineer, he has a lot of experience in solving problems.  This particular problem was how to get water to boil in a camp Dutch oven without the lid.  A big pile hot charcoal underneath a Dutch oven will slowly die down as it is smothered and lacks oxygen…. no boiling water.  To solve the problem he designed a lightweight and portable cook station that is easy to assemble and effective to make charcoal hot enough to boil water.  I am so inspired!!IMG_4123

Check out this two minute video that shows Dennis putting together his simple and unique cook station.

The pieces of this cook station are affordable, lightweight, portable and do not take up much space when disassembled.  Perfect for any outdoor cook!

Dennis has graciously agreed to share the details of how he constructed this cook station with me, so look for a future post with all the information.

Thank you Dennis for sharing your original idea and inspiring me!

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3 Responses to How to Boil Water

  1. davefoxiii says:

    Brilliant! AND it is a very cool DO cook stand…


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