Video Series – How to Make Dennis’ Cooker

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.03.23 AMWhen our friend Dennis agreed to let us record the process he follows to make his lightweight cook station, I was thrilled!  We spent most of Saturday with Dennis in his shop, watching him go through each step of the project and admiring his creativity, while we shot hours of video.  So here it is!  This series of six videos (each about 5 to 6 minutes long) gives step-by-step instructions, explanation of what tools work the best for the project, and lists the materials needed to make the cooker.


Measure and Cut

Taping the Edges

Bending the Edges

Punching Holes

Adding Stiffener

An unexpected bonus to this project was hearing Dennis sing Raised By The Railroad Line with his friends in the band Augusta Road.  The beautiful bluegrass music featured in these videos are from their CD made in 2014.  Members of the band are Jed Mobley, Julie Tucker, Mike Tucker, and Lynn Gray.  The CD was recorded and produced by Mike Tucker from Longview Texas.

Thank you Dennis for sharing your idea and showing us how to make your cook station!  Thank you also to my husband, Steve, for helping with the camera and other important tasks.

If you make one of Dennis’ cook stations, please let me know by leaving a comment.  Dennis will be honored to know that his idea is being put to good use!

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4 Responses to Video Series – How to Make Dennis’ Cooker

  1. Steven W Lovett says:

    can we send this to bill ryan?


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