Back-of-the-House Update

Inspired ByLast month I shared how Lindsay‘s awesome food blog Pinch of Yum inspired me to improve Texas Iron Chef.  Her photographs are bright, engaging, crystal clear and gorgeous.  Her recipes are fun and YUM.  And when I read her posts, I feel like Lindsay is sitting across the table, drinking iced tea, and showing me something she loves and talking with me about how to make it.  Even better, her fun husband Bjork shares monthly traffic and income reports (check out their January 2015 report) that sheds light on the “back of the house” inner workings of the blog.  When I read these reports, I begin to understand how the business of a food blog works and see the potential for Texas Iron Chef to grow.  Here’s what Bjork says about the monthly reports:

We (definitely) don’t have all the answers and we’ve learned a lot from you, our community, in the process. We’re honored to be doing this and hope that these reports help to show you that you too can “do this” if you hustle, stick with it, and have the courage to put yourself out there day (after day after day).

Yes!  I can do this!

These are just a few points of inspiration that helped me to see the potential for growth and improvement for Texas Iron Chef.  More importantly, I am ready to get going and start making changes.

The biggest change will be moving Texas Iron Chef’s internet address from (dot)me, hosted by Word Press, to (dot)com which is a self-hosted website.  Thanks to my partner, Bruce (the Dutch Oven Doctor), I don’t have to learn the techno-internet stuff, which is a huge relief. And even better, Bruce and his beautiful wife Kathy are excellent outdoor cooks, which is a huge bonus!  I am so excited about this big move as it is an important step in improving the look and feel of the blog and helps us to get on the radar of the world of food blogging.

Leslie's Recipe Box Chewy Chocolate CookieThe main change in the look and feel of the blog will be the addition of a recipe feature.  You will be able to print out the recipe without printing the photographs.  In the current domain of Texas Iron Chef, I am not able to use the recipe plug in.  If you want to print out a recipe, you have to print the entire web page and that is such a waste of paper and ink.  This is one of the biggest reason why I wanted to move to a self-hosted website.Leslie's Recipe Box

The other changes won’t be noticeable to you, but hopefully will get this Texas Iron Chef noticed by Google and other search engines.

This (dot)me Word Press site will still be maintained, but no new content will be posted after April 4, 2015.  All current subscribers will be moved to self-hosted site. You won’t have to do anything but I sure would love to hear from you!

Jump on over and check out the new Texas Iron Chef!

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