Welcome to my blog!  I am so glad you stopped by and hope you will enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

As a member of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society, I have met many new friends who have taught me how to cook outdoors in camp Dutch ovens. In this blog I want to share those stories as well as to reflect on all things Dutch Oven.


I am a home cooker, not a professionally trained chef, and I enjoy cooking good food for friends and family.  I am a novice photographer.  This blog is the place where I can share some of the images of food that I capture and edit.  I shoot with a well-worn Canon 60D and my favorite  lens is my Cannon Macro EF 100mm f2.8.  I’d love to have a 50mm f1.2….. sigh.

If you discover something new or enjoy an idea I have shared, or if you don’t agree with an idea or have a suggestion, please take a minute and leave a comment!  I appreciate your feedback and will use it to help me explore new and inspirational ideas.  Thanks for stopping by!



2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Dee Gibbs says:

    It was great to meet you and Steve at Monticello last weekend! I appreciated the lesson on geochaching and crocheting along with lots of Dutch oven info. Hope to see you at another DOG event. Your blog is super.


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