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Gate Marks and Christmas Gifts

Steve, my better half, gave me a wonderful Christmas gift this year – a 16-inch Lodge camp Dutch Oven that was made over a hundred years ago. Our friend from Mississippi, Biscuit, is downsizing and sold Steve this beautiful old oven. … Continue reading

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Salmon en Pappilote with Apple, Horseradish, and Capers

Alton Brown is one of our all time foodie heroes!  He explains complicated culinary tasks so that home cooks can successfully prepare something we’d never have imagined possible and he is so much fun to watch!  When I watched The Pouch … Continue reading

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Twisted Cinnamon Wreath

After trying the Pancetta,Tomato & Basil Pane Blanco, I was excited by the beautiful presentation of the split dough and wanted to try it again.  That’s when I spotted a beautiful braided wreath on the Artisan Bread Bakers on Facebook group.  They are … Continue reading

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Pancetta, Tomato, & Basil Pane Bianco

King Arthur Flour’s website is one of the best for bakers for many reasons.  Their recipes always work and are written with precision and clarity that sets a high standard for others to follow.  They have a hotline with a real … Continue reading

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Maple Blueberry Scones

Unlike the easy cream biscuits I shared previously, these scones are more challenging, especially when baking in a camp Dutch oven.  But don’t let that stop you from trying this recipe!!  In this blog post I will point out the critical … Continue reading

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